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Recent events (2020-2021)  :

October,  8  2021 : The technical session about “Rock Typing Approaches in Clastic Reservoirs ” has taken place from 12:00 to 13:00 CEST via SPWLA GoToWebinar, with the following  presentation : 

  • “Rock Typing: A Critical Review of Rock Typing Approaches in Clastic Reservoirs” by Thanapala Singam (Petronas), SPWLA Distinguished Speaker 2021-2022 

Abstracts ,Bio and Registration

PDF : Presentation of  Thanapala Singam.


May, 28 2021 :  Webinar technical session  about “Gas Storage ” with the following presentation  :

  • Gas Storage: Introduction, Performance Constraint and Monitoring with Case Studies in Open and Cased Hole
    by Patrick Egermann and Mei Han  ( Storengy )

Abstracts ,Bio & Registration .

No pdf of the presentations released yet.


March, 5 2021 :  Webinar technical session  about “Formation Testing & Sampling” with two presentations  :

  • Benefits of real time follow-up of WFT & DST sampling operations by fluid specialists, by Jessica BARBAGELATA and Christophe TREMAUDANT, TOTAL, Engineer specialist reservoir PVT
  • Recent developments in Wireline Formation Testing technology and products,  by Hadrien DUMONT, SCHLUMBERGER, Reservoir Technical Director, Reservoir Performance

Abstracts ,Bio and Registration.

No pdf of the presentations released.


September, 11 2020 : Webinar technical session : 

The technical session Lunch & Learn ” Delineating the Geothermal Structure and Flow Properties in a Sub-Horizontal Well with the Use of Wireline and LWD Data in a Multiphysics Approach” was presented by Erik Wielemaker, Schlumberger Principal Acoustic Domain Champion on  September ,  11  2020  from 13:30 to 14:30 CEST via SPWLA GoToWebinar.

Abstract and Bio of E.W. and co-authors : ( pdf)  

Abstract and Bio E.W.

Eric Wielemaker  presentation : (Pdf 22 slides ) 

Presentation of E.W (pdf) 



Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire ( AGE ) with Vote for the new Statuts in January 2020.

SAID/SPWLA France members have voted for the new Statuts of SPWLA France chapter during the AGE from January 19 to February 2nd 2020 

Assemblée Générale Ordinaire  

Following the AGE, an Assemblée Générale Ordinaire ( AGO) has been called from March 21st, to April,4  2020.  SPWLA France members have been invited to vote by internet via the electionrunner application from 21st March until 4th April : The past administration and accounting from 2017 to 2019 and the future budget for 2020 & 2021 have been accepted ;  the Règlement Intérieur associated with the new statuts, the Ethic Chart and the RGPD chart have ben accepted.

The 9 members elected for the Conseil d’Administration for 2020 and 2021 are :

Armando Araujo      TOTAL E&P
Emmanuel Caroli     TOTAL E&P
Hafiz Hamzah           TOTAL E&P
Jacques Delalex         Consultant
Jean-Etienne JACOLIN  Schlumberger
Jérôme Laval              IFP School
Mei Han                      STORENGY
Samira Ahmad             Schlumberger
Yahaya Mohammed    Schlumberger


The new board for 2020 – 2021 has been  elected on April 17 2020 : 

President :                     Jean-Etienne JACOLIN
Vice-president :           Ms Mei HAN
Treasurer :                    Jérôme LAVAL
Admin Secretary  :       Hafiz HAMZAH
Technical Secretary  : Ms Samira AHMAD




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Past events : 12 technical sessions from 2015 to 2020