27-28-29 September 2007 – “Pechelbronn 80” – 80th Anniversary of first Schlumberger Log

Welcome to Paris, Normandy and Alsace!
Special Conference on the roots of loggingPechelbronn 80
Always Search Further / Toujours Repousser les Frontières
September 27-29, 2007

The French chapter of SPWLA, SAID, invites you to participate in this special historical reunion in France, from September 27th to 29th. We take the opportunity of the 80th anniversary of the first logging job, performed in the Pechelbronn field, on September 5th, 1927 to visit the historical grounds that witness these founding events.

The commemoration includes the visit of the site of the lab where the first ’bathtub’ experiments on resistivity took place, the visit of the Schlumberger museum in Crevecoeur, Normandy, an opportunity to recognize the first examples of logging equipment, and the visit of the Pechelbronn wellsite where it all started, with Henri Doll, Charles Scheibli and Roger Jost., on this day of Fall 1927. We have also approached the management of Val Richer (Normandy) who are likely to let us visit the site of the first surface measurements by Conrad Schlumberger.

To access the wellsite, the conference attendants will take the TGV train grande vitesse to cover the distance between Paris and Strasbourg, 487 km (300 miles) in 2 hours and 19 minutes. On the same track, Alstom has just won the world train record at a speed of 575 km/h (357 miles/h).

But this meeting is not only about the old times. On Thursday 27th, a dense technical program about innovation and the plans of the energy segment is set up in Paris. Logging on planet Mars, alternative energies, CO2 sequestration are on the agenda. Students from the prestigious schools who raised the Schlumberger brothers and many more oil industry captains have been invited to liaise with the old timers. We have lined a number of high caliber presenters, but would be pleased to add your presentation along similar lines, that is innovation and future of the industry. Posters are also acceptable.

The organizing committee will make every effort to make your stay in France as comfortable as possible. Though accommodation in Paris will be your responsibility, transportation, visits and lunches will be organized by SAID.

To optimize transportation and lodging, we need to know who will attend. Please contact Vicki King or Philippe Theys by email or register online indicating which options you wish to take:

  • Paris (technical meeting) on September 27th
  • Normandy (Schlumberger museum) on September 28th
  • Strasbourg – Pechelbronn on September 29th.

Though we recommend attendants to participate to the three-day program, we will consider attendance to one or two events only.

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