11 avril 2000 – LWD Images for Geomechanical, Geological, and Petrophysical Interpretations

by Mr John FULLER

Real-time LWD data, especially borehole images and annular pressure while drilling, are essential tools to calibrate and refine strength and stress profiles. While the majority of azimuthal images have been acquired to understand the geology and petrophysics of a reservoir, the images often contain artifacts due to geomechanical processes. An analysis of these artifacts is important to understand the geomechanics of the well and improve geological and petrophysical interpretation. Time-lapse data are particularly important in monitoring dynamic processes such as formation failure and invasion.

Acknowledgements to: Tom Bratton, Ted Bornemann, Qiming Li, Dick Plumb, John Rasmus and Helle Krabbe.

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